Hadeel Kamel returns to the artistic scene with a new theatrical work

The able Iraqi actress Hadeel Kamel is preparing to participate in a new theatrical work after a long absence from the scene Artistic , the work will be shown in London after the completion of the extensive rehearsal sessions and preparations allocated for theatrical work The artist, Hadeel Kamel, said: “It is hoped that I will see my honorable fans by participating in the work Which means "pad of the saddle" written by Adnan (pad saddle The) theatrical titled The Goldsmith and directed by Swiss director Peter Storm She added, "The new theatrical work is a poetic synthesis between two poets of different times, Imru' al-Qais And Adnan Al-Sayegh, through director Peter Bruce’s departure from one theme that brought them together (exile), which The most beautiful and sweetest poems will flow through him She pointed out: “I embody in the play the role of (the narrator) who participates with the narrator in narrating the theatrical events. Which will be in English with some passages in Arabic And she pointed out, “It is hoped that this theatrical work will begin at the end of October for a period of five years Weeks , by showing six consecutive days, and the play will be shown in one of the London theaters, after Finalizing the text and some production preparations and the stages that will come successively within the plan drawn for the work map Kamel explained , “The last dramatic work in which I participated was the series (The Last of the Kings) in 2011, as well. About her long absence in the field of theater that approached 25 years Source: Iraqi News Agency (INA).

China is developing a supercomputer

Chinese scientists have confirmed that they have revolutionized quantum computing by developing a quantum computer Jiuzhang, who can perform computational tasks like those used in artificial intelligence but faster than the most powerful supercomputers in the world by about 180 million times Computational tasks that the Jiuzhang quantum computer can solve include modification the researchers said Data mining, biological information , network analysis , and chemical modeling research The research team, headed by Pan Jianwei, a physicist at the University of Science and Technology in China, who is called the "father of quantum" in the country, study in the Journal of Letters in Physical Research Physical Review Letters The study team said: "Our work is a step towards solving real computational problems using hardware The current quantity computer is medium sized Pan Jianwei said: "In the era of big data , the amount of global data is increasing exponentially It doubles every two years , and is meaningless if huge amounts of data are not mined At present, the traditional development model of computers is limited , and it consumes hardware

Marilyn Monroe's Personal Jewelry Collection Surprises Everyone!

The American Icon's Minimalist Jewelry Holdings Defy Common Expectations Marilyn Monroe, the legendary American actress, is often associated with glamorous fashion and exquisite jewelry. However, many might be surprised to learn that Monroe possessed only a modest collection of luxurious jewelry, in contrast to the opulent holdings of her contemporaries. Born Norma Jeane Mortenson in Los Angeles in 1926, Monroe's life remains shrouded in mystery despite her immense fame. Her romantic

Zoonotic diseases could become more deadly by 2050

Research findings have prompted urgent calls for action, as scientists warn that zoonotic diseases, which originate from animals, may claim the lives of 12 times more people by 2050 compared to the toll in 2020. The gravity of the situation is further underscored by experts from Ginkgo Bioworks, a prominent American biotechnology company, which cautions that outbreaks resulting from zoonotic diseases, also referred to as zoonotic transmission, could become more frequent in the coming years due to the combined impacts of climate change and deforestation. The pressing need for immediate action to address this looming threat to global health