Our radio is specialised in English songs of all genres, distributed professionally in different hours to satisfy listeners of all preferences. Additionally, all the new and popular songs, and the worlds top chart music are all within our interest, to always be in touch with the latest musical and lyrical updates around the world The radio programs of AUIB FM are produced in both English and Arabic languages on a regular and diverse basis, depending on the occasions, to keep in touch with the Iraqi street and it’s events in a way that touches the public taste and the require- ments of the Iraqi listener. Moreover, recording radio program for interviewing faculty members and public figures, inside and outside out AUIB campus, for the purpose of presenting the latest news of the American University in Baghdad to the Iraqi listener.




In the Morning

This period includes the most recent American University in Baghdad news and updates, as well as a variety of local and international news, including morning songs AUIB FMs team members daily brainstorm, to discuss the ideas, the programs, and the latest radio updates, to implement them on the radio station

In the afternoon

Recording radio interviews for AUIBs students, the aim is of which to support talented students and students with distinctive ideas to refine and broadcast them through the radio station and publish them on AUIBs social Record a program that includes Academic interviews with the faculty members of AUIB to talk about university life, as well as teaching methods and develop them

In the Evening

Focussing more on the musical programs of popular and top chart songs around the world, as well as the latest news of artists and celebrities in the world of art and music

In the MidNight

Broadcasting calm songs and music ranging from the old style to the new one, and classical music to suit all tastes